Welcome new yogi's!

Welcome new yogi's!

New to yoga? not sure what to expect or which classes to check out first? no worries, we've got you covered!

For your first class please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class start time. This will allow you time to meet your teacher, register for class, and also let us show you around your new studio!  We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable clothing that you can move freely in. Bring water and a hand towel and make sure you hydrate well the day of class. If you have a yoga mat already you are more than welcome to bring it. However if you do not have a mat don't worry we have mats available for you to use.  Shoes are not worn in class but are asked to be placed outside of the room in the available shoe racks. To wear or not to wear socks? You certainly can if you'd like but its not typically advisable as it can interfere with stability and traction. Socks are recommended for our Fusion fitness class but not the typical yoga class. If you are not new to hot yoga just new to Vivify you don't need to read further just come on in, we cant wait to meet you! If you are new to Vivify and Yoga all together read on for some helpful suggestions to get you started and we cant wait to meet you too! Glad you guys finally found us, welcome home!

Ok newbies here's the skinny:

We recommend starting with a class such as Genesis or even Yin Yoga. If you feel you would like to try a hotter temperature but at a slower pace we recommend our Lucidity class.

Genesis is taught at a slower pace with emphasis on foundational movements and proper alignment. This class is taught in a soothing warm setting of about 85 degrees. This temperature is just a little warmer than room temp to help you ease into the postures that your body may not be used to yet. The warmer temperature helps to aid in flexibility to prevent injury while helping to detoxify the body.

Yin yoga is a class that is taught in a comfortable 72 to 75 degrees with emphasis on restorative and therapeutic postures that are held for several minutes at a time. In Yin you will stay close to the mat and have plenty of time to work on correct alignment with your teacher as you learn the postures and allow your body to absorb the benefits of each posture.

Lucidity is more of an intermediate class and though it is taught in a temperature of 105 degrees, the pace is moderate allowing you to keep up comfortably but also experience the benefits of a hot class. In this class you will be holding postures for several breaths at a time which allows you to focus on proper form and alignment. The added heat helps to prevent injury, aid in flexibility, and detoxify the body. Heat stress (don't worry this is a positive stressor) has also been proven to help build endurance and is comparable to what the body experiences when one goes for a run or fast job.

Interesting fact: While many are under the impression that hot yoga is a "new thing" it's actually not! Room temp yoga is a little more new age. The temperature in a hot class is actually more traditional as it is consistent to the environment in the county where yoga first began.